Tuesday, August 11, 2009

Bikes Slogans 4 U !!!

Here are the some of the slognas generator for my dear friends.....

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And some of the bikes slogans are here.................

My Life is a blur.

Some people measure their adventures in miles or days. I prefer "horizons crossed".

While some people are choosing between chicken and fish,

my choice is between dust and mud (with rocks on the side).

Getting there isn't easy. And that's the best part.

When someone says, "let's go" , you shouldn't have to ask, "where?"On my way to nowhere ... and proud of it".

Sometimes the morning commute can get a little bumpy.

Every lane is a passing lane.I do my flying on the ground.

Addicted ? Possesed is a better word.

Who needs a stereo when you've got a throttle ? ( Time to turn up the volume.)

Its out there somewhere. And we're going to find it.

Where does this road end ? Never.We can stop anytime. But who wants to ?

We can stop anytime. But who wants to ?

Hobbies : Riding

Interests : Riding

What I do for fun : Riding

You get the point.

Been there. Doing this.

My job? Just something I do between rides.

So many rides. So little time.

Most people take the subway. Have fun most people.

If you need a reason to ride,You are not on the right bike.

The destination is one thing.

Getting there is everything.

Grasp life by the handlebars.

Years ago someone told us that life is a journey.

Obviously we took it to heart.

One question we've never heard is, "Are we there yet?"

I don't know where the bike ends and I begin.

The faster we go, the more life slows down.

If speed is a sin, I am guilty of It.

Cars Suck !

We ride two wheels..sometimes one wheel..

but not like dead body carried in 4 wheels

The Journey is the destination

Where there is a wheel, there is a way.

I would rather be riding my motorcycle thinking about God,

than sitting in a temple thinking about my motorcycle.

One life live it!!!!

I'm a cowboy

A steel horse I ride

I'm wanted

Dead or Alive

If heaven doesnt allow bikes, I will ride mine straight to hell

Now can you bl**dy see me?!

Only a Biker knows why a dog sticks his head out of a car window

Warning: human-powered vehicle ahead

Actually, we're just as vulnerable biking with clothes on.

Share the Road!

Now can you bl**dy see me?!

Warning: human-powered vehicle ahead

Actually, we're just as vulnerable biking with clothes on.

Share the Road!

Honk if you love bikes! Honk twice if you love naked cyclists!

Your butt looks better on a bike! Your skin is outta sight! You'll travel with ease as you feel that breeze, and drip clean sweat instead of oil!

Bicycles make cleaner traffic jams!

Don't pollute this naked body with your SUV

Such Unnecessary Vehicles

My SUV habit costs so much I can't afford clothes

Gas prices increasing? I didn't even notice!

This is what a car-free society looks like

Human operated - Heart inside [5] [6]

Moved by people, not machines [7] [8]

Curb car culture

Live car-free!

Real rights for bikes

No fumes here!

Jeremy Clarkson go home! (UK)

One less car

Une auto de moins (France)

Honk For Silence

Stop indecent exposure to vehicle emissions

Get off your ass! Ride a bike! (thanks to Urban Velo!)

We are traffic

Pedal Power!

Bike for health and clean air

Bicycling is truly organic!

My bum smells better than your car.

People who drive cars OUGHT TO BE ASHAMED!

Never confuse the map with the journey.

Its the attitude, not the altitude

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